Fine Needle Aspiration


  • Cytology, Fine Needle Aspirate
  • FNA

EPIC Order Number

LAB534 (Cytology Request)


If Associates in Pathology Is Not Present

  1. Label charged(+) slides with two patient identifiers (patient name, DOB, and/or MRN) and specimen site/source in pencil. If multiple sites are sampled, specify each part (A, B, Cā€¦).
  2. Place a small amount of the specimen on the clear portion of one of the slides.
  3. Place a second slide on top of the one containing the specimen. Pull the two slides gently apart allowing the specimen to spread across them.
  4. One slide should immediately be spray fixed and the other left to air dry.
  5. Subsequent passes should be prepared the same (1/2 spray fixed, 1/2 air dried).
  6. In order to ensure proper staining by the laboratory, you must indicate which slides were spray fixed and which slides were air dried.
  7. Send additional fluid for cell block preparation.  Add equal parts 50% ethyl alcohol.
  8. Label specimen container with two patient identifiers (patient name, DOB, and/or MRN),  collection date/time, and specimen site/source. 
  9. Specimens must be accompanied by a printed EPIC Order (or completed Cytology Request for non-EPIC clinics) including two patient identifiers (patient name, DOB, and/or MRN), collection date/time, pertinent patient history, performing physician, and specimen site/source.

Storage/Transport Temperature

Room temperature


Monday ā€“ Friday, 7:00 AM ā€“ 5:00 PM

Reported/Turnaround Time

Results are sent within 2 working days after specimen is received.

NOTE: Results may be delayed or the sample rejected if pertinent and/or required information Is conflicting or missing.

See Surgical Pathology Report or Non-GYN Cytology Report.  The results will be reported under the type of order placed (either Surgical Pathology or Non-GYN Cytology).

88173 - Evaluation

88112 - ThinPrep Slide

88172 - Specimen Adequacy