Frozen Section


  • FS
  • Surgical Pathology, Frozen Section

EPIC Order Number

Surgical Pathology Number: LAB1126


  • Fresh and send immediately to Surgical Pathology.
  • Specimen must be accompanied by a EPIC ORDER or Surgical Pathology Request including the "Special Orders” for frozen section and operating room #. Specify part (A,B,C…) to be examined designating it with "FS”.
  • Please call Surgical Pathology at 715-847-2130 before sending.
  • Outside clinics, please include call back number.


In formalin or saline

Storage/Transport Temperature

Room temperature


Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM

AFTER HOURS:  Available as an on-call basis for evenings, Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.  Call Aspirus Wausau Hospital operator at 715-847-2121 to page pathologist on call.

Reported/Turnaround Time

15-20 minutes from receipt of specimen for single frozen section.

NOTE:  Results may be delayed or the sample rejected if pertinent and/or required information is conflicting or missing, or if it was delivered to wrong department.

See Surgical Pathology Report

88331 - Initial Frozen Section Performed

88332 - Each Additional Frozen Section Performed