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IHC Stains

Actin (SM), AFP, Bcl-2, Bcl-6, Calcitonin, Calretinin, CD10, CD117, CD138, CD15, CD20, CD3, CD30, CD34, CD45, CD5, CD56, CD68, CDX-2, CEA, Chromogranin A, CK20, CK5/6, CK7, Cyclin D1, Desmin, EMA, ER (EgR), Factor VIII, Fascin, GATA3, GFAP, H. pylori, HER-2/neu, HMB-45, HSA, Kappa, Ki-67, Lambda, MART-1, MPO, MUM1, OSCAR, p16, p40, Pan-Keratin, PAX5, PLAP, PR (PgR), PSA, S-100, Synaptophysin, Thyroglobulin, Tryptase, TTF-1, and Vimentin

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Reported/Turnaround Time


See Surgical Pathology Report

88342 - IHC Stain

88360 - ER, PR and HER-2/neu