Immunofluorescent Test, Skin


  • Cutaneous Immunofluorescence
  • DIF
  • IF
  • IFA
  • Immunofluorescence Antibodies
  • Surgical Pathology, Immunofluorescent Test, Skin

EPIC Order Number

Surgical Pathology Number: LAB1126


  • Place specimen in container of Zeus fixative or Michel’s transport media (can be obtained from Surgical Pathology prior to procedure) immediately upon removal. Be certain that the tissue is immersed in the media and not stuck to the edge of the container or cap before tightly placing cap on container.
  • If Zeus fixative or Michel’s transport media cannot be obtained, the specimen can be sent fresh or in sterile saline and delivered immediately to Surgical Pathology.
  • Label specimen container with two patient identifiers (patient name, DOB, and/or MRN), collection date/time, and specimen site/source.
  • Specimen must be accompanied by an EPIC ORDER or completed Surgical Pathology Request including two patient identifiers (patient name, DOB, and/or MRN), collection date/time, pertinent patient history, performing physician, and specimen site/source.  Indicate immunofluorescent test on request.

NOTE:  An additional specimen should be obtained for routine pathology examination from the same site and submitted in formalin.

Storage/Transport Temperature

Room temperature


Monday-Friday, 7:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Reported/Turnaround Time

Results from Associates in Pathology are sent 1-2 working days of receipt.

Results from Mayo Medical Laboratories are sent 10-14 working days of receipt.

NOTE: Results may be delayed or the sample rejected if pertinent and/or required information is conflicting or missing.

See Surgical Pathology Report and Mayo Medical Laboratories Report